Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Premium (AAD-P) provides every user with a hybrid identity as a service offering that bridges the gap between traditional on-premises applications and cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Built on Microsoft’s fifteen plus year heritage of success with Active Directory, AAD-P enables you to securely manage access to Office 365 and nearly 3,000 other SaaS applications. On top of single sign-on, AAD-P offers a rich selection of features that together make up a comprehensive offering that provides end user self-service and deep security insights.

The AAD-P Access Panel provides end users with a one-stop catalog of all their SaaS applications, as well as on-premises applications that are made available via the Azure Application Proxy. The Application Proxy publishes on-premises applications with pre-authentication and security controls applied inside of Azure before allowing traffic in to the on-premises datacenter. If a user forgets their password, they can use the AAD-P self-service password reset feature to securely reset their on-premises Active Directory password via Azure Active Directory. You can require users to respond to a voice call, text message, or security questions to prove their identity before resetting their password.

AAD-P also includes Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With MFA, your users can be required to step-up to a second factor of authentication before they access some or all of their applications. They can also be conditionally required to use MFA if they are outside the network, or using an unknown device.

Security reporting included with AAD-P offers deep analytics and insight in to not only what your users are doing, but risks to your organization that are identified by Microsoft. Microsoft uses advanced machine learning techniques to detect scenarios that are potentially harmful. For example, if a user typically accesses applications from New York City, but then accesses an application from China a few minutes later, their credentials may be compromised. This is just one of several reports that are included in AAD-P.

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