Active Directory Consulting

Ravenswood Technology Group knows Active Directory better than virtually any other consultancy. Our team has literally "written the book" on Active Directory. The team is led by an expert Active Directory architect that has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for Identity and Access Management for over a decade.

Whether your Active Directory environment is new, old, or just in the planning stages, we can help with a variety of services. Some of our most common engagements include:

  • Design and Redesign
  • Group Policy Best Practices
  • AD RAP and AD RaaS Remediation
  • Audit Finding Remediation
  • Upgrade Planning


Our Active Directory consulting approach focuses on melding business, technology, and security needs to create an Active Directory environment that is efficient and effective. Our designs address technical requirements such as domain controller placement and configuration as well as the logical design for the directory structure and Group Policy with a focus on simplification and delegation of permissions to ensure administrators can complete their job duties while maintaining a secure environment. Finally, we address operational best practices that contribute to healthy and secure Active Directory environments. 

Design Checkup

After over a decade of production use, many organizations are concerned about the organic and sometimes uncontrolled growth of their Active Directory structure. Sometimes this growth contributes to operational inefficiencies that cause heartburn with business partners. Our consultants can work with you to understand your current Active Directory environment's challenges, develop a set of recommendations, and establish a remediation plan that minimizes cost and impact while transitioning to an updated design as quickly as possible.

Group Policy Design and Remediation

Logon times to desktops and laptops directly impacts worker productivity. If it takes five minutes to logon to your computer every morning, that's five minutes of lost productivity, multiplied by the number of workers. Group Policy is often one of the first places to start improving logon times and desktop management practices. We can help you analyze your Group Policy implementation, make recommendations and implement a revised design that conforms to modern best practices.

AD RAP and AD RaaS Remediation

Has your organization just received an AD RAP or AD RaaS report from Microsoft? We can help you understand the results and make informed remediation decisions. Our team has experience in countless real world Active Directory environments. We translate this experience in to informed recommendations that adapt best practices to your specific needs.

Audit Finding Remediation

Do you have audit findings that impact Active Directory? We can help you address findings with process and technology changes.

Customized Engagements

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any of your Active Directory needs. While the services on this page are common requests by our clients, we customize every engagement to meet your needs.